Amazing Shampoo For Dry/Itchy Scalp – Dead Sea Spa Magik Mineral Shampoo

It may not be very hot or glamorous to admit but I am quite prone to an itchy scalp and a case of dandruff. At least, I was until I started using this Dead Sea Spa Magik Mineral Shampoo! It has not given me complete immunity but I definitely think it has helped to improve my scalp condition and itchiness. I’m now onto my second bottle!

When I was looking for a shampoo I was looking out for formulas aimed at dry/itchy scalps, that weren’t drying and that didn’t contain SLS. This fit the bill so I went for it and I struck gold! It does everything I wanted and is so gentle and smells great. When I bought my first bottle I was just sat sniffing it every few minutes – I can’t really describe it but I think it smells very spa-like! I feel like my scalp is inevitably going to get a bit itchy between washes considering I wash my hair every 4-5 days, which is quite a while, however I do think this has dramatically reduced the feelings of itchiness and has made my scalp a lot happier. The product itself is a pale blue colour and lathers up nicely – I personally find that one wash is enough and I don’t need to repeat. The bottle lasted me ages as it’s a very generous size compared to the standard 200/250ml.

If you’d like to read more about my hair care routine I did a post on it a while ago which you can read here. Some of the products may have changed but the general routine is still the same.

I bought this product from Look Fantastic (£8.50) where you can often get a 15-20% discount. 😉

Love Nicole xxxx

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Cult Beauty Haul

As you may or may not know, if you have an account with Cult Beauty, they will email you a 15% code to use during your birthday month. I, of course, wanted to take up this offer, and this is what I chose to buy. As with my previous post, this post is mainly just to show you what I’ve bought and I will do some detailed review and swatches posts in future when I’ve tested out the products. 🙂

I absolutely love trying new foundation and I’ve been eager to try Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation (£29.50). Unfortunately, the discount code does not apply to Charlotte Tilbury products (there is a selection of brands that Cult Beauty don’t allow discounts on) so I paid full price still, but for a high end foundation it’s not too badly priced. I found it very difficult to pick a shade and was deliberating for ages on which one to go for. I eventually went for Shade 3 and it’s not an awful match, but it’s not perfect either, I think one of the others may have been better but hey ho, I’ll make it work. I’ve used it a few times and I actually really like it! I’ll explain more in a more dedicated post.

Next, I’d been wanting to try a Zoeva eyeshadow palette for a long time. They have an amazing array of choice, but, trying to sensible I tried to think what I was lacking in terms of eyeshadow shades. I realised I had very few cool toned sort of shades, so I ended up going for the En Taupe Eyeshadow Palette (£18). It is such a gorgeous palette and I love the colours!

Lastly, I decided to go for a fancy hair product. I don’t very often invest in hair as I find makeup and skincare much more exciting, but Jen Atkin’s new brand ‘Ouai’ has been all over instagram and the blogosphere so I wanted to give a product a try! My hair is often pretty flat so I thought a texturising spray would be a good choice. I bought the Ouai Texturising Hair Spray (£22). It’s okay so far, but I’m not sure it’s going to live up to my expectations of its high price tag.

Love Nicole xxxx

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My Haircare Routine

My haircare routine in itself has been the same for years now. Although I am often trying new products and am not always loyal to brands, the basic routine and type of products used remains the same. My hair is brunette, thick, long and naturally virtually straight! I’ve never properly coloured it; only using some L’oreal sunkiss jelly a couple of years ago and having some reddish highlights when I was much younger.

long brown brunette straight hair

Back in my early teens I was washing my hair every other night and with such thick, long hair the entire process takes close to two hours if I properly straighten it after. This eventually got so tedious and such a chore that one summer I managed to train my hair to go much longer between washes before it would get ‘greasy’. I now generally wash my hair every 4 days which is so much better. I can’t imagine having to wash it every other day now; it takes up such a big chunk of the evening/morning that doing it every other day was just such a waste of time.


giovanni tea tree triple treat invigorating shampoo charles worthington moisture seal conditioner

Firstly one thing to note is that I find my hair much more manageable after washing if I’ve brushed my hair before I get in the shower.

To wash my hair I opt for SLS free shampoos and ideally ones that are catered to an itchy/dry scalp which I am prone to. I am currently using Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo (£7.99) which is an invigorating, tingle inducing tea tree shampoo that does a great job of cleansing my hair and scalp. I would buy this again and would like to try other haircare from Giovanni who call themselves “eco chic hair care”.

For conditioner I have been using various ones from the Charles Worthington range recently but in general I tend to go for conditioners aimed at hydration and damage repair. I’m currently on the Moisture Seal one (£6.99). I get through conditioners so quickly as I absolutely saturate my hair in them. I coat the lengths from the left side, then throw it over to my right shoulder and do likewise to make sure no hair is missed. With any remaining product on my hands I coat my scalp. Because I do only get about 5-6 uses out of a conditioner a range like Charles Worthington is ideal as I can literally pop down to my local Boots and buy more for not too great an expense and it’s usually on some sort of offer, typically 3 for 2.


charles worthington heat defence spray body booster hair mousse keracare hair oil

Once washed, I comb all my hair through and give it a really thorough coat of a heat defence spray. I currently have the Charles Worthington Strength & Repair Heat Defence Spray (£6.99). Whenever I have my hair cut most hair dressers tell me what good condition my hair is in despite being so long and subjected to heat. I really do think that years and years of religiously always using heat defence spray has helped my hair stay in good condition. A very important step!

Having such long, heavy hair I think a mousse is very important for me too. My hair is another level of flat without one. I take a palm full and press it in around the roots and rub any excess through the lengths. I currently have the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Body Booster Mousse (£5.99) which is decent; it doesn’t provide incredible longevity of volume for my heavy hair but it helps and I further try to fight the flat with products I will mention further down.

Hair oils are soooo good for dry/damaged hair. That’s kind of obvious though. Oils just seem good for everything! I take a 20p size amount in my palm, rub my hands together then distribute it through the very ends of my hair. This Keracare Essential Oils For The Hair (£6.30) contains an amazing array of oils. It has sunflower oil, peanut oil, castor oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and sesame oil… Phew! That’s a lot of oils. I really like it, it has a nice scent and the bottle is a generous 120ml.

babyliss hairdryer ghd hair straighteners

After this I’ll comb my hair through to distribute everything evenly and then get the hairdryer! I always blow dry my hair as it’d take about a day to airdry and nobody’s got time for that. It also allows me to achieve a bit of much needed volume. I blowdry my hair upside down for this very reason. It makes a world of difference!

Once dry, I’ll usually leave it a while then get the straighteners. I always straighten the front bits of my hair that frame my face as these tend to get a bit flicky and weird. Whether I thoroughly straighten my entire head of hair is down to whether I can be bothered at the time. As my hair is naturally pretty straight it’s not essential but I can get kinks and waves that I prefer to get rid of. The sleek straight haired look is just me and I do prefer it most when I sit down and section everything off and do a thorough straighten!

Side note, I seriously cannot recommend investing in GHDs enough. I literally got this pair when I was 13/14 years old and they are still going! That’s nearly 10 years! They are still amazing.

Further styling

colab batiste dry shampoo charles worthington texturising spray

I think we’ve all experienced the woes of freshly washed hair that’s just too clean. This happens every single time I wash my hair: the flat, limpness of the squeaky clean. Colab Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo (£4.50) and Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray (£6.99) are perfect for this situation. The Colab dry shampoo is definitely not what I would consider good as a dry shampoo, it’s just too heavy and sticky for that. However it does succeed on the claim of ‘extreme volume’ as it’s perfect for spraying into the roots to add some grit and texture. So for me, I love using this on freshly washed hair but definitely not on my 3-4 day old hair that will soon need a wash. For this purpose, I still love Batiste (£2.99). It’s the cheap, cheerful dry shampoo that just gets the job of soaking up any excess oil done!

If I do want added texture the Charles Worthington texturising spray is really great and is actually a repurchase because I was impressed the first time around. I’m aware this may have started to appear like an ad for Charles Worthington but I can only wish it was lol. I have just been really liking their products!


And then it’s a case of WASH.RINSE.STYLE.REPEAT. 4 days later.

Ah the chores of haircare 🙂 I still love my hair <3

Thanks for reading,

Love Nicole xxxx

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The Anna and Lily Cult Beauty Box

When I heard this was happening I was so excited; I had to join the wait-list and get my hands on it! Lily and Anna are two of my favourite YouTubers who have collaborated with website Cult Beauty to create a limited edition box full of goodness. I find them both very genuine, relatable and the kinda chilled out girls I could be friends with. I wanted to talk about it while it was still available so that if you’re reading and are interested you can still get your hands on one! Here’s the link!

Of course, I wouldn’t blindly part with the £85 purchase price if I didn’t like the products in this box. I absolutely love the selection they picked; a really great variety. I’ve not tried any of it before but had wanted to particularly try the Oskia cleanser and Luna Night Oil so this was a fantastic opportunity to try them along with everything else included.

anna and lily cult beauty box collab 1anna and lily cult beauty box collab 2anna and lily cult beauty box collab 3anna and lily cult beauty box collab 4anna and lily cult beauty box collab

So first things first, the actual box is awesome. Quite predictably marble, but no less amazing for it. I love it. It’s definitely one to keep and make use of.

So within the box you get:

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

Classic Wet Brush

Yu Ling Jade Facial Roller (Medium)

Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil 15ml

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Black

BECCA Backlight Priming Filter 6ml

I received this in the post today so I can’t comment on anything properly. I quickly used the hair brush and I think I’m going to love it, it went through my hair so easily and I have lots of very thick, long hair! I tried the jade roller quickly out of curiosity and it was so cooling it surprised me! It felt really nice. I thought it’d probably be a bit gimicky and I’d never have bought it separately but I think it’s going to be fun to use!

I can’t wait to put all the skincare on my face tonight tehehehe. Some of you may understand my excitement of trying new products too… 😀

What would you most like to try from the box? Did you get one?

Love Nicole xxx

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Naturisimo Beauty Haul

In my quest to lead a more healthy lifestyle, I want to gradually introduce more and more natural products into my beauty regime. is such a great website that makes doing that so easy; this was the first time I used the site and I got great value for money and super quick delivery.

jason tea tree shampoo a'kin conditioner odyliqye moisturiser laidbare vitamin c serum antipodes joyous night lily lolo eyeliner eye liner

Jason Normalizing Tea Tree Treatment Shampoo £6.99

Shampoo is an easy thing to swap for a more natural alternative. I wash my hair roughly every 4 days and towards day 3-4 my hair starts to get pretty itchy so I thought a tea tree shampoo might do my scalp some good and keep the itchiness at bay. I haven’t tried this yet but the bottle is huuuge so let’s hope I like it as it’s going to last me ages.

A’kin Macadamia & Wheat Conditioner for Dry Hair £8.90

My hair’s main concern is dryness so I always go for conditioners aimed at dry/damaged hair. I’ve used this once and it was a thinner consistency than I’m used to however it was very nourishing and it just felt…natural, which was great! Unfortunately for someone like me who uses lots of conditioner every time I wash my hair, this lil bottle will not last me long 🙁 I reckon 3 applications, 4 if I’m lucky.

Lily Lolo Eyeliner Pencil £6.99

My super sensitive eyes were being a pain in the ass and watering sooo much every day so I was trying to figure out what was causing it. I thought a new natural eyeliner wouldn’t hurt so I got this one which is very nice and black! However I later established that the culprit was my moisturiser (Good Things Manuka Honey Daily Moisturiser) which I have now had to stop using 🙁

Odylique Avocado 24 Hour Replenishing Cream £22

The next three purchases were all intended to combat my dehydrated feeling skin. The moisturiser I was using at night prior to this just wasn’t cutting it so I wanted to buy a new one. As I use this at night, I can’t say what it’s like under makeup. My assumption would be not great as it’s quite rich and oily. As a night cream thought I have been loving it, in conjunction with the other products I bought (below). I no longer wake up with a tight feeling face. I like that it’s in a pump as it’s much more hygienic than all the moisturisers around that are in tubs. It does have a bit of a funky smell but that doesn’t really bother me as I view it as demonstrating how beautiful and natural it is!

Laidbare From Dusk Till Dawn Vitamin C Serum

I know how beneficial Vitamin C can be for skin so when I saw this for an awesome price along with some other great ingredients, I just had to try it! I’ve only used it a couple of times as I have been using the Antipodes one (see below) more, but it seems good. It’s a very oily formula which surprised me when I first pressed the pump as I was expecting something more creamy! The packaging is basic but good, however I have already cracked the plastic lid that protects the pump lol. I’ll give it a proper trial run once I’ve done likewise with the Antipodes one.

Antipodes Joyous Night Replenish Serum £24.99

Last but not least I picked up this similarly oily serum. It comes in a pipette bottle and is a real pleasure to use. Both these serums are great for a facial massage whenever you want to treat yourself to one. I wanted to try an Antipodes serum after enjoying using their Manuka Honey Mask so much (which I spoke about a bit here). Naturismo are selling this one for such a good price too, £24.99, whereas the RRP is £38.99! That pulled me in probably more than it should of haha. Overall though, this in conjunction with the moisturiser has really helped get rid of that feeling of dehydration.

Do you have any natural products that you swear by?

Love Nicole


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A Little Boots and Paperchase Stationary Haul

I have been on an absolute spending spree the past couple of weeks. I hope that this has come to an end now as I think I have outspent myself and satisfied those retail urges. There have been so many boosted student discounts around that completely reeled me in! H&M, Topshop, River Island… EVERYWHERE HAS CHARMED ME TO PART WITH MY MONEY. But I shouldn’t complain. I’ve bought some lovely bits! Enough ‘what I bought’ posts for over a week I reckon hahah. Oh deary me.
I’ll begin with a more boring haul. Well, not boring, but fairly standard.
yes to carrots coconut shampoo conditioner haircare nip fab extreme glycolic fix night pads collection concealer (2)
 I already use a couple of Yes To skincare products that I’ve been impressed with, so when I saw these on offer in Boots (1/3 off the full price) I knew I wanted to try some of their haircare! The brand uses 95%+ natural ingredients and are cruelty free, what’s not to like! I find the packaging cute too. I’ve been experiencing a bit of an itchy scalp so the Yes To Carrots Dry Scalp Shampoo and Conditioner were perfect. I also got a Yes To Coconut Conditioner to soothe my dry/damaged hair. I’ve used all three already and am very happy with all of them.
I adore the original Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Facial Pads, so I saw these new Glycolic Fix Extreme Night Pads with 1/3 off in Boots too and thought I’d give them a try once my Liquid Gold runs out. However they have a lot to live up to if they’re anywhere near as good as that!
Finally I swiped another Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer as it’s so rare to find them in stock you have to grab them while you can!
paperchase post in notes sticky highlighters
In Paperchase I grabbed this cute, nautically striped pad of sticky notes as I’m forever needing to jot things down or make lists, and this is handy just to keep by my bed for those fleeting thoughts you need to note down.
I also picked up these adorable mini highlighters that have cats on! I just think they’re so cute and fun to use, as well as having the practical purpose of helping you in lectures and note-taking 😉 They also have a set with owls instead, equally as sweet, and even bear ones! It’s just too much stationary cuteness.
As I’ve said, I’ve bought rather a lot recently, so I’ll be back with some other clothing and beauty hauls soon. Do you prefer seeing clothes hauls with just pictures of the items, or with the items on? It’s certainly easier to photograph them hanging, but I think I personally prefer seeing clothes on… Let me know what you think.