Spring and Summer ASOS Haul

A cheeky 20% student discount cropped up on ASOS last week so as always, that’s my cue to go and purchase many of the things lurking in my ‘Saved for Later’ section.

The majority of the pieces I would say are more Spring/Summer appropriate. Despite probably preferring Autumn/Winter fashion slightly more, it is nice to not have to wear a coat every day once summer hits! I have a new thing where I always check what fabrics clothing is made from when I consider purchasing. Especially for summer clothes I’m trying to avoid things like polyester and go for things made out of cotton! Cotton is a breathable fabric as it’s natural so I’m hoping to have as much cotton in my summer wardrobe as possible.

I was so happy to finally find an amazing pair of denim shorts! I’ve always loved them on other people but I’ve never felt comfortable in them myself. I don’t love my legs, I feel my thighs are pretty chunky and wobbly, so denim shorts have been tricky. However, I found an amazing pair from Noisy May’s Tall range! Because they’re from the tall range they’re a much better length in my opinion! Partly why I tend to feel uncomfortable in denim shorts is because they’re generally so short! Also, they’re not turned up at the end or anything, they’re just loosely cut off so they’re not tight against your thigh. I find this so much more flattering on me and I love them. I’m definitely planning on purchasing them in black. Purchasing shorts from the Tall range is definitely a winner for me.

ASOS One Shoulder Top in Cotton Bandanna Print (£28)
ASOS Jumper In Pointelle Stitch With V Neck (£25)
Levi’s Orange Tab 70s Stripe T-Shirt (£30)
Summer ASOS haul
Noisy May Tall Washed Denim Shorts (£25)
Summer ASOS haul-001
ASOS Gingham Culotte Shorts (£22)
Summer ASOS haul1
ASOS PETITE Linen Culotte Trousers (£25)
Summer ASOS haul2
Pull&Bear Circle Detail Cross Body Bag (£18.99)
Summer ASOS haul3
Hollister Cold Shoulder V-Neck Jumper (£29)
ASOS Off Shoulder Sundress in Stripe (£30)

I forgot to photograph this gorgeous stripy sundress but you can see how nice it is from the ASOS website image anyway. 100% cotton too! 😉 <3

I was so happy with everything – kind of annoyed I didn’t want to send anything back because I spent way too much but I guess I probably would’ve ended up buying these things at some point anyway so it’s good I got them with the 20% discount!

I hope you liked what I picked out! Anything catch your eye?

Love Nicole xxxx

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