Topshop Haul

Following on from my ASOS haul, here are the things I’ve picked up recently from Topshop!

I love everything I bought, so happy with the things I’ve bought lately, I feel like I’m really finding my style and taste and buying pieces that are versatile and timeless. Whilst I love Winter dressing, the great thing about Spring/Summer is that you can actually go out in a great outfit and not have to cover it up with a coat and jumper and scarf etc etc! Hooray. I can’t wait to wear these pieces. 🙂


topshop haul bleach jamie jeanstopshop haul moto denim stripe skirttopshop haul satin bomber jacket pinktopshop haul white panel lace shell toptopshop socks 2

I thought these socks would look cute with the Denim Stripe Skirt, popping out the top of some trainers or sandals.

The White Shell Top is absolutely gorgeous, so intricate! It’ll look awesome with the wash of the Bleach Jamie Jeans. The bomber trend is on fire right now and I love this Dusty Pink one, I think it’ll have some lasting power and won’t really go out of style completely. The skirt is pretty tight on me but it’s not available in any local stores for me to go and exchange it for the size up so I’m just going to put up with it and hope I can trim down a bit so it’s looser haha. I got it 20% off so I don’t want to have to reorder the size up for full price 🙁 It’ll be fine, I’ll just have to get used to not breathing when I wear it… 😀 I need to cut down on the cakes anyway…

Love Nicole xxxx

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