Denim Dungaree Dress

I’ve been on the lookout for a denim dungaree dress for months. I really love the dungaree trend, but couldn’t see myself donning the shorts or trousers variety, however I thought I’d definitely feel comfortable in a dress version. I’d found a few online I liked (Stradivarius had some gorgeous ones!), but I knew it was one of those pieces I needed to try on, so I was scouting the high street for contenders.
I came across this one in Topshop but had to look in hope in another of their stores to find a size 8 (which to be honest is still fairly generously sized), luckily the other store in Castle Point had one! I snapped it up at a 20% off student event which made it’s £32 price tag even sweeter!
topshop denim dungaree dress outfit of the daytopshop denim dungaree dress outfit of the day (2)makeup of the day (4)makeup of the day
The only slight negative about it is that the front doesn’t ride as high up the chest as I’d like, and pulling it up just makes the already baggy back even baggier! So it’s not the tightest fitting piece, maybe I just have small shoulders, but the straps on it are too long for me and I wish there was a way to adjust them. But whatever, I really like the design and it’s a lovely piece, almost perfect compared to what I had pictured in my mind!
Dungaree Dress – Topshop
T-Shirt – ASOS (similar)
Boots – Topshop (very similar)
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