Zara Check Shirt

zara checked khaki shirt

I’m not a big shirt wearer, I find them hard to style for some reason. But that’s probably because I’ve never found the right ones that fit nicely. I really liked the colour combination of this one. Not really Spring/Summer appropriate however, I find it hard to let go of the dark colours of winter! But at £17.99, I thought it’d be worth it, as a good check shirt is an essential really.

Zara shirts are impressing me, I have recently just bought another lovely, crisp, white one, as that is also an essential piece I was lacking in my wardrobe! I love the seasonal overhaul of clothing, but the process of updating your wardrobe is never-ending if we’re honest… We’ll never have enough and always want something new! 😉
Nicole (and cheeky Bambi in the background)


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