Stripy Outfit of the Day

Sooooo, spending ban is going well. Actually, I think I’ve been quite good these past two weeks. A bed cover, sheet, skirt and a jacket all for about £35 is allowed right?

I wore my favourite new crop top with a new H&M basic black skater skirt this weekend.
I bought a beautiful duvet set and sheet from Primark. The duvet set with two pillow cases was £11, and the butterfly printed sheet was either £5.70 or £5.80… I actually bought these for my boyfriend’s bed (lol), as he’s gross and only had one duvet set which hadn’t been washed in an unspeakable amount of time. So I said I was buying one and it would be pink and he would have to deal with it. I liked the excuse to be honest as I’d wanted to buy a pink based set for a while, I’ll get this back when he moves back home. Might have to fight him for it.


The cream quilted jacket was a spur of the moment buy. I kind of wandered into the Primark sale section by accident, I usually assume it’s just a load of tat, but I saw this and then saw the price tag and thought ooooh. I tried it on and with some encouragement decided to splash out the big £10 for it! I don’t know why I was so reluctant, its a nice jacket, a good, versatile colour and will go with lots of things this spring/summer.

Top – Topshop
Skirt – H&M
Boots – Office
Jacket – Primark £10 in the sale
Watch – Olivia Burton
Necklace – Tiffany
Nails – Barry M Vintage Violet


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