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I am into Snapchat in a BIG way at the moment. I’m pretty addicted to checking it throughout the day! I love how instant and ‘real’ it can be. Many of the people I follow are YouTubers who obviously heavily edit their videos, whereas Snapchat is so much more informal and relaxed, you feel as if you’re getting a better glimpse at people’s actual lives. I dunno, you obviously still only see what people want you to see (as should be everyone’s right to decide what they do and don’t put online), but it feels like people are more relaxed which is nice. Therefore, I thought I would share some of my favourite people that I follow on Snapchat that may be of interest to some of you šŸ™‚ Their Snapchat username is the bold, pink writing.

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Laura is one of my absolute favourites on Snapchat. She’s so funny and honest. I love how she talks about loving cake-face and fakery and her Eylure 143 obsession. She’s just absolutely brilliant and knows her makeup. She has a real passion for it whilst having a fun personality and I trust what she says. She’s a successful woman living in Dubai with a well-paid job I imagine, so you know she’s not being paid to say shit. If she doesn’t like it, she says.


Another Laura who I’ve only recently followed on Snapchat actually but have followed her blog for a while. She’s a straight-talking makeup artist who also has an adorable cat which means I’m obviously going to love her!


I love Lily’s YouTube channel so I love seeing what she’s up to on a daily basis. I like her personality and find her down to Earth and relatable. If you like Lily’s YouTube channel then she should definitely be interesting to you on Snap.


Stacey – aka ExpatBeautyAddict – I discovered through Laura of ‘BuyNowBlogLater’. Stacey seems SO lovely. Her snaps are very chatty which I love; she seems like the sweetest woman and there’s something I really like about her voice which is probably strange lol. She’s obviously a huge beauty addict so it’s nice to see what she’s enjoying, but also she recently did some snaps about the result of the EU Referendum which were SO interesting and informative (I was gutted at the result šŸ™ ). She discussed the financial and economic impact of leaving the EU as it’s within her field of expertise as she works at Barclays (I think?). And she’s also had struggles with illnesses which she’s discussed and made me pretty emosh, she just seems so lovely <3


Amy doesn’t snap that much tbh, not since I’ve followed her anyway, but I just love her. She’s one of my fave bloggers and from her YouTube channel you can tell her personality is just hilarious. Plus she’s so cool and stylish and gorgeous.


I love Anna. Another one of my fave YouTubers, I love the way she does things and find her very creative, innovative and to the point. You can tell she’s a grafter and so organised. I love her snaps.


Another YouTuber I’m a big fan of. Sammi is beautiful and has the sweetest personality. Her snaps of her dogs are often hilarious too. And now she’s pregnant her snaps could be a way to follow her throughout her first pregnancy journey! Aw <3


Chloe Morello is a stunning Australian YouTuber who I’ve followed for a while. She is great and so so funny xD She snaps random things but everything’s interesting because I just love what she has to say and she’s hilarious.


Alessandra is the Beauty Director at Glamour magazine so as you can imagine she lives quite the jealousy-inducing life to any fellow beauty lover. She’s always travelling, has the best voice, looks amazing and is always talking about her favourite products and what she’s using. You’ll also see lots of behind the scenes of new product launches etc which she’s been invited to the events of. Expect lots of skincare and makeup recommendations!


Claire is great but I must say my favourite snaps of hers feature her cat, Bruce. He’s an absolute lad. Love him. But also Claire does great PO box unpacking which I love watching.


Estee has the funniest, most loveable personality! She’s forever interesting and I love her relationship with Aslan and Reggie. They love their dog SO much. Also, “You still making mooooooooooovies?” – absolutely hysterical.


Amelia is gorgeous and I think she’s great, but she’s another one, like Claire, where I’m often watching her snaps hoping that her pet will feature because I bloody love him. Her dog, Duke, is the cutest little pom I have ever seen in my life and I basically cry whenever I see his adorable, happy, fluffy little face. Duke <3


Gabby, of VelvetGh0st is another lovely YouTuber. I find her quite relatable in many ways and now she’s opened up about a lot of things to her viewers IĀ  admire her for how far she’s come and where she is now! What a success. She also has a cat, Nellie, who features a lot too which I obviously love.


Suzie‘s snaps are pretty entertaining and it’s a great supplement to her YouTube channel if you’re a follower of that. I love her style and her makeup is always beautiful. But it’s also nice to see her being bare faced and just chilling or having a moan; it will forever be refreshing and relatable to see people you watch/follow be ‘normal’ like that.


Jaclyn is such a bundle of energy and how frickin successful has she made herself?! What an inspiration. She won’t be everybody’s cup of tea as she’s pretty loud and out there, but I LOVE her. Her snaps are always entertaining and show different sides to her; whether she’s super happy or having a shitty day. #relatable


Kate, formerly known online as gh0stparties, is so funny and sweet. Another one with a hilarious and super cute kitty called Mouse who I love seeing in snaps. And Kate has the greatest laugh, it’s so cute and she finds her boyfriend hysterical so is always laughing at him which is adorable.

I hope you’ve discovered a few new Snapchat accounts to follow šŸ™‚

Love Nicole xxxx

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My Favourite Vlogmases!

How do you pluralise Vlogmas?! I’m not sure. Anyway, I am loving how many of my favourite YouTubers are filming Vlogmas this year. I’m struggling to keep up a bit if I’m honest! But it usually means I always have something to watch if I’m at a loose end. I thought I’d share my favourite Vlogmases this year so far.

amelia liana vlogmas zoella lily pebbles samantha maria beauty crush louise pentland sprinkle of glitter tanya burr


British YouTube’s golden girl is a joy to watch and she’s so festive that she inspires you to really get into the Christmas spirit. She has an enviable lifestyle since becoming an internet celebrity and it’s fun to watch her enjoying her success and sharing her days, whether she’s off to events or chilling at home. I really don’t like pugs but Nala has grown on me since seeing her personality come out in the daily vlogs; I still think they’re pretty gross though I’m sorry xD I’m also not the biggest fan of boyfriend Alfie (PointlessBlog), there’s something about him that just annoys me a bit (the voice probs), but I think Zoe is great and he’s a part of her life so of course I still enjoy watching their household enjoy the run up to Christmas.

Sprinkle of Glitter

Louiseeee! I love Louise. She has the most wonderful, fun personality. Her words can make the dullest days fun to watch and little Darcy is the cutest child ever. I love when kids are that age, they say the funniest, sweetest things. Everyone should watch Louise.

Amelia Liana

Amelia is another one with a wonderful, positive, cheery personality. I am obsessed with her little pom Duke too, omg every time her comes on screen I’m just like awwwwwww I want one. He’s the happiest dog I’ve ever seen. She did some challenges to raise money for charity during this Vlogmas, and wow, fair play to her, she did really well. They were things that pushed her out of her comfort zone, and most people’s comfort zones I imagine! I did some major cringing for her but she was so brave.

Lily Pebbles

I only started following Lily this year and she’s really grown to be one of my favourites. I like her very real and laidback personality, she’s always saying how she likes to be casual and I can relate to that. Although I do probably like glamming up slightly more than she does… She’s that little bit older which I think means she has a more mature audience, less annoying little girls and silly comments fangirling. This is also probably a lot to do with the way she is and the videos she makes, just less childish and more grown up which is nice!

Tanya Burr

Tanya is another big YouTuber with a happy, infectious personality. She’s quite similar to Amelia with the girly, ditsy personality, it could be annoying, but I find it endearing. I just find Tanya uplifting to watch, she’s a happy one!

Samantha Maria

Sammi is a cool gal. She’s so naturally beautiful and has a sweet personality and great style. It’s nice to see her going about her day, and her boyfriend Jason is pretty involved in filming Vlogmas with her this year. He seems great and they are so nice together, you can see how much they love spending time together, and with their dogs, who are funny! One thing I’m learning from Vlogmas is that I judge dogs too much on their looks haha, Nala the pug and now Sammi’s two dogs, not to my taste but they seem so sweet. Aw. I’ll always be a cat person though.

I am following lots of others, but these are my favourites so far! I always look forward to these guys uploading slightly more than others…Ā  šŸ™‚

Best wishes,


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