Spring and Summer ASOS Haul

A cheeky 20% student discount cropped up on ASOS last week so as always, that’s my cue to go and purchase many of the things lurking in my ‘Saved for Later’ section.

The majority of the pieces I would say are more Spring/Summer appropriate. Despite probably preferring Autumn/Winter fashion slightly more, it is nice to not have to wear a coat every day once summer hits! I have a new thing where I always check what fabrics clothing is made from when I consider purchasing. Especially for summer clothes I’m trying to avoid things like polyester and go for things made out of cotton! Cotton is a breathable fabric as it’s natural so I’m hoping to have as much cotton in my summer wardrobe as possible.

I was so happy to finally find an amazing pair of denim shorts! I’ve always loved them on other people but I’ve never felt comfortable in them myself. I don’t love my legs, I feel my thighs are pretty chunky and wobbly, so denim shorts have been tricky. However, I found an amazing pair from Noisy May’s Tall range! Because they’re from the tall range they’re a much better length in my opinion! Partly why I tend to feel uncomfortable in denim shorts is because they’re generally so short! Also, they’re not turned up at the end or anything, they’re just loosely cut off so they’re not tight against your thigh. I find this so much more flattering on me and I love them. I’m definitely planning on purchasing them in black. Purchasing shorts from the Tall range is definitely a winner for me.

ASOS One Shoulder Top in Cotton Bandanna Print (£28)
ASOS Jumper In Pointelle Stitch With V Neck (£25)
Levi’s Orange Tab 70s Stripe T-Shirt (£30)
Summer ASOS haul
Noisy May Tall Washed Denim Shorts (£25)
Summer ASOS haul-001
ASOS Gingham Culotte Shorts (£22)
Summer ASOS haul1
ASOS PETITE Linen Culotte Trousers (£25)
Summer ASOS haul2
Pull&Bear Circle Detail Cross Body Bag (£18.99)
Summer ASOS haul3
Hollister Cold Shoulder V-Neck Jumper (£29)
ASOS Off Shoulder Sundress in Stripe (£30)

I forgot to photograph this gorgeous stripy sundress but you can see how nice it is from the ASOS website image anyway. 100% cotton too! 😉 <3

I was so happy with everything – kind of annoyed I didn’t want to send anything back because I spent way too much but I guess I probably would’ve ended up buying these things at some point anyway so it’s good I got them with the 20% discount!

I hope you liked what I picked out! Anything catch your eye?

Love Nicole xxxx

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20% Discount ASOS and Topshop Haul

Yes, Nicole’s been reeled in by the discounts again and done some online shopping. ASOS did a 20% student discount and I had a 20% off for my birthday Topshop code about to expire. Let’s just get into it shall we. 🙂

From ASOS…

ASOS Premium Rain Mac With Borg Liner (£55)
Nocozo Tonal Stripe Jersey Top (£18)
ASOS Supersoft Long Woven Scarf With Tassels (£12 each) Pink and Dusty Mauve

The ASOS Rain Mac is amazing quality! It just feels so cool, I love this material so much and will kind of looking forward to the rain if I can chuck this on and be smug about staying dry. As for the striped t-shirt, I live in them and I liked this colour combination so I’m sure it’ll gets its wear. I realised I have hardly any scarves so I bought these two in beautiful colours and I love them – very big and snuggly.

Now what I got from Topshop…

Frill French Stripe Top (£18)
Metallic Pleated Jersey Skirt (£34)
Broderie Detailed Hybrid Top (£7 in the sale!)
Femme Liberte T-Shirt (£15)
MOTO Dark Grey Leigh Jeans (£38)

I love this metallic pleated skirt – isn’t it a gorgeous colour?! It is a bit long and ideally I wish it was available in the Petite range but I will make it work. I got an array of easy to wear t-shirts and tops just because that’s what I like to throw on most days really! And after a wardrobe clear-out I wasn’t left with that many t-shirts. I’m trying to buy clothing made from better quality materials now so I always check labels and avoid polyester as much as I can and look for cotton. I also got a dark grey pair of Leigh jeans, which used to be my favourites before they were overtaken by the Jamie style but now I think they’re my favourites again. The Jamie style just sucks my tummy in a bit too much and I hate that so I feel like Leigh jeans give my belly more room 🙂 .

Have a lovely Sunday,

Love Nicole xxx

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New in my Wardrobe: ASOS Haul

Another haul for you today, but this time it’s a fashion one! Again, I needed (ahem, wanted) to use my 20% birthday discount for ASOS so I added some of the many things in my ‘Saved for Later’ collection to my basket and checked out. I also had a £10 off ASOS A-List voucher which was amazing. <3 I absolutely love that ASOS do a loyalty scheme now! Finally some reward for all the money I spend with them. 😉

Here’s what I bought and didn’t end up sending back…

ASOS Sleeveless Ruffle Front Animal Jacquard Shift Dress – £55
ASOS PETITE Midi Column in Sweat Stripe – £30
ASOS PETITE Metallic Pleat Skirt – £28
Pepe Jeans Donna Striped Tee – £25 (in the sale, £35 full price)
ASOS T-Shirt with Cutabout Print and Stripe – £18
Ohh Deer Geo Marble A4ish Pad – £4.99
Limited Edition Multirow Triangle Chain Necklace – £10

I absolutely love the pink-ish leopard print dress; I have no idea when or where I’ll wear it but I just couldn’t send it back! I’m selling quite a lot of my clothes on eBay at the moment so I feel like I’m allowed a few more ‘going out’ pieces. My style has changed quite a bit in terms of night-time outfits. The stripy column dress is not the most flattering I’ll admit, but it’s so comfortable and I hope I’ll get my wear out of it once it’s warm enough for bare legs.

I got all these pieces in a size 8 or a small, apart from the pleated silver skirt. I initally got it in an 8 but I sent it back and exchanged for a 10 as I wanted it to be super comfortable as I’d ideally like to wear this in the daytime as well as night. The 8 was just a bit too tight around the waistband, it looked great, but I just like my belly having some room to breathe haha xD.

I hope you like the things I picked!

Love Nicole xxxx

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My High Heels Collection

Since my teenage years I have always really loved the look of high heels, however since then my tastes have changed dramatically and while I still love heels, I will no longer buy ones that are horrendously painful just because they look amazing They have to be reasonably comfortable and where possible I will buy ‘wide fit’ to save my little toes from the horrendous blisters they are prone to. Having this mindset also helps me save money, as well as keeping my feet happy (not that I get the chance to wear heels often)! Any shoes that make my feet cry are currently being put on or have been sold on eBay – bye-bye, you will hurt me no more! (Edit: some of these shoes have now been sold too after a further clear out).

I thought I would share my remaining collection with you today and link the ones that are still currently available. 🙂 I hope you enjoy having a nosey into my shoe-drobe. If you like this post you might also like to take a look at My Boots Collection!

asos heron wide fit pink velvet heeled sandalsasos sandals western black heeledasos wide fit lace up high heels blackDune London cliopatra high heels valentino rockstud dupe nude pink studded t barDune London snakeskin high heels heeled sandalsDune London sparkly pink heeled sandals high heels merlonH&M black platform high heels crossover strapmiss selfridge chiara grey heeled sandals high heels lace up shoes embroiderednext bow pink high heels peeptoe slingbackoffice mid heel nude suede heelsriver island metallic silver flatforms shoestopshop heeled sandals leopard print shoes

Which is your favourite from my collection? Thank you so much for reading. <3

Love Nicole xxxx

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An Evening Walk OOTD: Cami Dress and Jumper

If you read my previous post (which was an ASOS Haul), you’ll have seen two of these pieces. I couldn’t wait to style this cami dress over the top of the grey ribbed jumper. I’m a bit of a noob with layering but when I saw this dress I could just imagine layering it over a number of tops and rocking the Granny chic look. I personally think it works pretty well despite not being the most flattering shape, one thing you get with a loose fit is comfort which I am all for! Choosing shoes that worked with the look was a bit tricky but I settled on some brown, soft, dainty River Island brogues which I think really work! This outfit would also look amazing with the style of loafers that are seriously in fashion at the moment, unfortunately I haven’t managed to get my hands on the Topshop ones I like as they’re out of stock in my size and have been for ages. 🙁

ootd ditsy print mix match cami midi dress faux leather jacket asos miss selfridge brown brogues (2)ootd ditsy print mix match cami midi dress faux leather jacket asos miss selfridge brown brogues



Grey jumper – ASOS £18

Midi Cami Dress – ASOS (ON SALE £21)

Faux Leather Jacket – old, from Miss Selfridge (similar £49)

Brown Brogues – old, from River Island (similar £40)

Love Nicole xxxx

Blogging every day in October! (Or trying to)

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Current Favourites



nars sheer glow mont blanc alpha h liquid gold no 7 melting gel cleanser batiste texture spray asos patchwork denim skirt river island scarfnars sheer glow mont blanc alpha h liquid gold no 7 melting gel cleanser batiste texture spray

 Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

I finally bit the bullet and ordered this foundation online as it seems to be everyone’s favourite foundation. I got the shade Mont Blanc and it’s probably the best match I’ve ever had with a foundation which is partly why I love it so much. It’s a fairly runny consistency with a medium coverage; it’s not enough to completely hide some of the marks on my cheeks but if I’m that bothered I can just add concealer, otherwise what’s wrong with showing a bit of imperfection anyway. It’s probably only me that notices it! I would rather it came with a pump, I may have to buy one separately to add to it, but overall I completely agree with people’s positive reviews of this foundation. If you buy it online at various sites you can often get a 10-20% discount which makes it less of a splurge.

Alpha H Liquid Gold

Another splurge item, I hate that I like this so much as it’s fairly pricey. However I do credit it, along with other chemical exfoliating products, with clearing up my skin. It’s lasted a fair amount of time, I got it mid August and it’ll probably last me until the end of the year if I use it a couple of times a week. Initially I was using this every other evening after cleansing and it worked its magic. Results were not immediate but give it a chance and it really does improve the texture of your skin. I think once I’ve finished it I’ll see how my skin reacts, if it seems to miss it and go back to being spotty and bumpy then of course I will repurchase. I still use Nip+Fab glycolic pads everyday so they should hopefully help maintain my skin without needing to repurchase. Its one I know I can come back to in future though! I love it.

No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser

I only recently got this cleanser as I had a £5 off No7 skincare and wanted to spend it. But oh my gosh I love it! It’s so cool, it comes out as a gel which you rub all over your skin, then it transforms into more of an oil which you can then wash off. I end up massaging it over my face for ages as it feels so great and luxurious! The formula definitely feels and smells of luxury, well worth the £4.50 it cost with the voucher. No7 is always overlooked but they have some fantastic products and this is one of them. I use it as a second/morning cleanse after removing the majority of makeup with micellar water.

Batiste Texture Me Texturising Spray

I’d never used a texturising spray before this, which was odd really as my hair is always so flat and lacking body. I used to just use dry shampoo on my hair the day after washing it when its all fluffy and too clean, but this is a much better substitute for that as it seems lighter. I just spray this all over my hair when its a bit flat and give it a rub to give it some shape. It’s nothing miraculous but I feel it does make a difference and I like having it there if I’m having a bad hair day. It smells great too!

asos patchwork denim skirt river island scarf

ASOS Denim Patchwork A-Line Mini Skirt – £28

The first of my fashion favourites lately, I love this skirt! I literally wore it  4 days this week, anytime I needed to leave the house I wanted to wear this, which doesn’t often happen. It was good though as I usually don’t have a clue what I want to wear each day and I take so much time to decide, before just throwing on jeans and a striped tee. This with black tights and any grey or white tee/cropped jumper with ankle boots, chuck on a coat and scarf and it’s a winter go-to.

River Island Beige Stripe Print Scarf – £18

This scarf is a stunner, if that’s not a weird thing to call a scarf… I ordered it when River Island had 25% off, initially as a Christmas gift for my mum, however when it arrived I tried it on and I’m sorry but there was no way my mum was getting it after that. The River Island website shows it much better, it has lots of different patterns to it and I love this and the colours its made from. Its soft and goes great with a lot of outfits I currently seem to be wearing.

Best wishes,



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