Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Swatches – Kim KW & Very Victoria

I got these lipsticks for either Christmas or my birthday – it’s hard to remember which when your birthday is on Boxing Day! I thought I’d do some swatches and share my thoughts on them in case you were interested in purchasing them for yourself, or like me, you just love lipstick.

charlotte tilbury matte revolution hot lips lipstick very victoria kim kw kardashian west review swatch swatches (2)charlotte tilbury matte revolution hot lips lipstick very victoria kim kw kardashian west review swatch swatches (3)charlotte tilbury matte revolution hot lips lipstick very victoria kim kw kardashian west review swatch swatchescharlotte tilbury matte revolution hot lips lipstick very victoria kim kw kardashian west review swatch swatches (5)charlotte tilbury matte revolution hot lips lipstick very victoria kim kw kardashian west review swatch swatches (4)

These lipsticks come in gorgeous, vintage-style rose gold packaging and feel very luxurious in your hand. The lipsticks themselves are slightly different to your standard lipstick because of the squared off tip. I’m not convinced this makes a dramatic improvement to application though so it makes no difference to me.

The two shades I have here are Very Victoria, which is in the Matte Revolution formula, and Kim KW, which was part of the Hot Lips collection and I believe is in the K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula. I hadn’t seen these in person before I got them so I had to go off pictures I found online. Luckily I was happy with the colours – they are beautiful. I was hoping Very Victoria would be a shade close to MAC’s Velvet Teddy and it’s not too far off.

charlotte tilbury hot lips kim kw kardashian west review swatch

Kim KW is such a gorgeous, pale, pinky-peach nude! It’s probably not to everyone’s taste but I love it and it’s certainly the kind of shade that Kim Kardashian-West became known for.

The finish of this lipstick is quite high-shine and glossy which is a nice change when you’ve been wearing matte lips a lot. I will say that I occasionally find the formula a bit gloopy so it definitely looks best if applied to freshly exfoliated lips otherwise you could become victim to the dreaded inner lips lipstick line. It does feel lovely on the lips though, you can feel it there but not in a bad way and it does help hydrate. Despite being fairly glossy it’s not sticky and it lasts rather well! I love this one and it’s my favourite of the two.

charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick swatch review very victoria

Very Victoria is a hard to describe shade, I’d say it’s kind of a brown-pink nude. It has a matte finish but not the kind of matte you get from a liquid lipstick. It’s still got that tiny bit of sheen that allows it to still be hydrating and non-drying.

I like this lipstick but I don’t love it. There’s something about the pigmentation and application that just didn’t wow me – and you kind of want to be wowed with a price of £24. It could partly be to do with the fact this colour is fairly similar to my natural lip colour. Without trying another colour lipstick in this Matte Revolution formula I can’t say for sure. It is however a nice enough lipstick that feels good on the lips and lasts a reasonable amount of time. A lack of creaminess and super amazingly intense pigment just makes me question whether at £24 it’s really worth it. I think I need to try it with a lip liner and see if that changes anything! I’m still on the fence with this one.

So, a quick re-cap. I love the Kim KW shade and am not head over heels for Very Victoria. I’m not convinced these lipsticks are all they’re raved up to be for £24 either. As much as I love Kim KW, it’s more the shade than the formula that wins me over. I also think the photographs on the Charlotte Tilbury website are inaccurate! Maybe it’s just my screen resolution but when I look at these shades on the screen and in real life they just don’t look the same – studio lighting does not give the truest representation so I hope I’ve helped someone with my natural light photos haha.

Charlotte Tilbury is widely available now in John Lewis and House of Fraser, and online at, Feelunique and CultBeauty.

Love Nicole xxxx

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Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Skinny Dip

I wanted to share this absolutely gorgeous shade of liquid lipstick. It is one of the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks (£11.50) and is in the shade ‘Skinny Dip’. I don’t know exactly how to describe the shade, it’s a nude that leans towards pink and brown but I feel like there’s a hint of mauve too. Whatever it is, I think it’s one of my favourite shades!

The formula of these is really nice. It’s not at all drying for a liquid lipstick. The application is lovely; it’s creamy and opaque and you can do your entire lips with one dip. It takes a few minutes to dry down to a matte finish. When it does it gives a velvety, plush appearance and I find it doesn’t enhance the lines on my lips as much as some other liquid lipsticks. It’s not completely faultless, I have had a few incidences where it’s broken apart slightly or formed that weird white line around the inside of your lips, but this isn’t the norm and is probably caused by me not exfoliating my lips beforehand or eating something! So I wouldn’t let that put you off and I say definitely give them a go if you love the matte lip look. It is a very nice formula and not too expensive. The frosted glass packaging is also a nice touch. 😉

What do you think of the colour? If you have any questions on the formula, please feel free to ask me in the comments!

Love Nicole xxxx

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NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks | Sandstorm, Soft Spoken, Tea & Cookies

Another post on the items of makeup I own the most of – lipsticks! These are from NYX and are called Liquid Suede. I have three colours in this formula and I love them!

‘Sandstorm’ (which is my favourite) is a browny, pink nude , ‘Soft Spoken’ is a red, brown nude and ‘Tea & Cookies’ is what I would consider a true pink colour!

nyx liquid suede cream lipstick lipstick review sandstorm tea and cookies soft spokennyx liquid suede cream lipstick lipstick review sandstorm tea and cookies soft spoken swatches swatch (2)

NYX describe them as a cream lipstick that glides on like silk and sets to a velvety matte finish. I agree with all of this. The formula is creamy and smooth and the applicator is great and makes it easy to apply. Pigmentation is good and I generally find one layer is perfectly adequate. It’s quite a thick formula so I find it takes a while to set, longer than most other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, however because it remains so comfortable on the lips I really don’t mind that it takes longer to dry down. Once dry, I think velvet matte is an accurate description of the finish. It’s definitely not completely matte and retains a little bit of sheen. I think calling these liquid suedes was spot on and I absolutely love the finish it gives.

Due to this not-super-matte finish I find they wear very nicely, even on their own with no lip liner underneath. Once dry I find they can last a good few hours comfortably on your lips. It can sometimes be hard to know when they are completely dry so I have had a few transfer issues on occasion but this doesn’t really bother me!

The shade range is decent but I personally love nude colours so I’d love if they expanded the range with more nudes as I love the formula so much. I have seen on their website that they’ve launched a few new shades, one of which called ‘Brooklyn Thorn’ looks appealing to me so I might have to snap that up if it’s available in the UK.

These sell for £6.50 each and are available from Boots, Feel Unique and ASOS. I think they are well worth the money and they are definitely one of my favourite liquid lipstick formulas that I’ve ever tried.

Love Nicole xxxx

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Dose of Colors Matte Liquid Lipsticks | ‘Truffle’ and ‘Bare with Me’

As a huge lover of all things lipstick, I had to try the matte liquid lipsticks from Dose of Colors. They go in and out of stock on Beauty Bay and I am still patiently waiting for ‘Stone’ and ‘Desert Suede’ to come back into stock long enough for me to order them! I’ve had the link bookmarked for months and despite checking every day I always seem to miss them, or maybe they’re just not getting restocked!

The shades I do have however are ‘Truffle’ and ‘Bare with Me’ and they are gorgeous! ‘Truffle’ I would say is a brown, rosey nude whilst ‘Bare with Me’ is a more of a peachy, nude pink.

dose of colors matte liquid lipstick review truffle bare with me (2)dose of colors matte liquid lipstick review truffle bare with me (3)dose of colors matte liquid lipstick review truffle bare with me swatches swatch (2)dose of colors matte liquid lipstick review truffle bare with me

The pigmentation of these is fantastic; the texture is creamy and moussey which I really like. They dry down to be super matte and whilst this can make your lips look quite dry, they don’t actually feel drying, which is a major plus as I hate products drying out my lips. I do find they wear off in a rather unappealing way sometimes however, where bits start to flake off and separate and you get that kind of line around the inside of your lips. They don’t always do this so I can’t quite put my finger on why they do it some times and not others. I think I have much better success with them when I wear a lip-liner underneath, they don’t seem to wear off as badly so maybe that’s the secret. Application is easy as the applicator is a great shape and one dip is enough for the whole lips.

These are some of my favourite lip products and I love wearing them. They look so nice on and the colours are perfect. The packaging is really cute, I love the frosted glass, and the brand is proudly cruelty free. <3

Love Nicole xxxx

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Current 5 Favourite Everyday Lipsticks

Lipstick is one of my favourite things. It’s got to a point where I have so many that I don’t wear so I’m going to try to make a conscious effort to rotate what I’m wearing so they all get some love. However, at the moment there are certain ones I just can’t help myself but wear all the frickin time! So maybe the rotation thing won’t be happening any time soon…

Here is the current squad…

gerard cosmetics buttercup lipstick nyx liquid suede sandstorm dose of colors bare with me urban decay uptight backtalk comfort mattegerard cosmetics buttercup lipstick nyx liquid suede sandstorm dose of colors bare with me urban decay uptight backtalk comfort matte swatch

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in Buttercup £10.50

This is a really easy to wear nude pink. It’s one of those lipsticks you can chuck on without having to think about it as it looks great and will go with most makeup looks. The formula is buttery and I’d say the finish is satin, it’s not glossy but there’s definitely shine.

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks in Uptight and Backtalk £15 each

I’ve previously done a whole post dedicated to these lipstick when I first got them. You can read that here. Since writing that I have only grown to like them more. The comfort matte formula is so creamy and smoothing and one of the nicest I’ve ever tried. I’ve also grown more fond of the packaging which I initially didn’t really like lol.

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Sandstorm £6.50

This is probably my most worn lipstick out of all of them the past couple of months! It’s a real struggle to not wear this every day! I just love the colour and the formula of these is fantastic. It definitely leans towards being a cool brown/beige which I love because of the 90s vibes, however I’d still class it as a nude because it has pinkish tones. It’s just a gorgeous colour that allows me to wear brown on my lips but in a way I am very comfortable with. Liquid suedes also last well on the lips providing you allow them to dry down fully, which does take a while.

Dose of Colors Matte Lipstick in Bare with Me £14.50

I’d call this colour a peachy, nude pink. The formula of these is also brilliant and really long-lasting. They look more matte on the lips than the NYX Liquid Suedes but this means they can make your lips look dry and enhance all the lines and cracks! However despite this they manage to actually not feel drying or uncomfortable! Bare with Me is a really pretty colour and I feel I neglected it at first because I love the other shade ‘Truffle’ so much, but I am making up for it now. 🙂

Love Nicole xxxx

Blogging every day in October! (Or trying to)

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Nars Audacious Lipsticks | Anna & Barbara

I love lipsticks! And some of the nicest (and most expensive, eek) I’ve tried are these Nars Audacious Lipsticks. They definitely ooze luxury with their magnetic, sleek, black packaging, high impact pigmentation and velvety soft satin feel. I also love that they are named after women’s names! How cool is that?! I wish there was a ‘Nicole’ but sadly not; although I was able to buy my best friend Natalie her namesake lipstick from the collection which was so cute.

Whilst they don’t possess an impressive lasting power they are just so beautiful to wear and apply, with a pretty, slightly glossy finish, that I don’t really mind. I think I’ve got used to being slightly spoilt by matte liquid lipsticks in regards to longevity and really it’s unfair to compare them as they are entirely different formulas and products. What you’re getting with these is a high pigment, luxurious and comfortable satin lipstick.

Anyway, I’ll get on to showing you the colours! If you’re even considering splashing out this much on a lipstick you’ll want to know exactly what to expect from the colours and whether they’ll suit you. I currently have two from the collection: ‘Anna’ and ‘Barbara’.

nars audacious lipstick barbara anna swatch review swatches (3)nars audacious lipstick barbara anna swatch review swatches (4)nars audacious lipstick barbara anna swatch review swatches (2)nars audacious lipstick barbara anna swatch review swatchesnars audacious lipstick barbara swatch reviewnars audacious lipstick anna swatch review

Barbara is an ultra wearable browny/pinky nude colour meanwhile Anna is definitely a more bold choice being a purple/mauve shade. I find Anna difficult to wear if I’m honest but it’s such a beautiful colour. I’ve just not found the perfect way to pull it off yet. Whereas Barbara I could easily wear every day… but I won’t because it’s far too precious I don’t want it to get used up quickly!

Have you got any Audacious lipsticks? Which is your favourite colour?

Love Nicole xxxx

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New Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks | Naked, Uptight & Backtalk Swatches

I couldn’t resist buying a few of these new Urban Decay Vice lipsticks! The new launches from Urban Decay cover 100 shades in 6 finishes: Metallized, Cream, Sheer, Sheer Shimmer, Comfort Matte and Mega Matte. I chose two Comfort Mattes and a Cream to try out first from this new launch. These are the first Urban Decay lip products I have tried and I really love them. You can purchase them from the Urban Decay website and Feel Unique, among others.

Naked Uptight Backtalk urban decay vice lipstick (2)Naked Uptight Backtalk urban decay vice lipstick (3)Naked Uptight Backtalk urban decay vice lipstick (4)Naked Uptight Backtalk urban decay vice lipstick

UD Vice urban decay vice lipstick naked
urban decay vice lipstick backtalk
urban decay vice lipstick uptight comfort matte


I especially love the Comfort Matte formula and the colours I chose (Backtalk is ❤ )! The Comfort Matte is not a true matte so it remains comfortable, as the name would suggest, on the lips and retains a slight sheen but is definitely not glossy or shiny. The Cream finish is one of those that is super easy to apply and feels smooth and hydrating while having great pigmentation. I’m sure I’ll be adding more from the range to my collection in the not so far off future! As I hoped, these are a gorgeous cruelty-free alternative to my beloved MAC lipsticks.

A word on the packaging: I am not totally in love with it. It’s quite typically Urban Decay with a bit of quirk and some colour but I prefer a more traditional MAC style lipstick design if I’m honest. However, that’s definitely not enough to put me off buying more as the formulas are fantastic and they are still pretty in their own way. 🙂

Love Nicole xxxx

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NYX Collection, Swatches & Quick Reviews

Since NYX has become more readily available in the UK I seem to have amassed quite a collection. I think they offer great products at an affordable price, as well as being cruelty-free unlike so many other affordable high street brands.

The below picture shows most of the products but I discovered a few more I’d forgotten after taking it lol! I didn’t realise how much NYX stuff I had oops. xD

nyx collection and reviews

I’m going to start with Lip Products as they are probably my favourites!

nyx soft matte lip cream liquid suede matte lipstick lip linernyx lip swatches 2

nyx soft matte lip cream in monte carlonyx soft matte lip cream stockholm (3)

These two are in the Soft Matte Lip Cream Formula. This was the first lip formula I tried from NYX and it’s pretty good. They’re a light, fluffy, velvety texture which means they don’t dry to what I would consider a fully matte finish, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They retain a light sheen and don’t dry out the lips. Longevity is not their strong point; they will wear off much like a normal lipstick and because of the way they dry they wear off evenly and are less likely to leave any horrible flaky patches. They surprised me with the intensity of pigmentation however and they have a lovely colour range. I feel they’re a good product for beginners or people that just want easy application and minimal upkeep.

Would I recommend? Yes

nyx liquid suede lip cream tea and cookiesnyx liquid suede soft spoken

These are in the Liquid Suede formula and I really love these! Unlike some other formulas you definitely don’t need a lip liner underneath these as the formula is so lovely and creamy that it doesn’t cling to any dry patches. I think this is my favourite formula for comfort and the finished look; however it does seem to take ages to dry down and because of this it is open to smudging. I wish Liquid Suedes came in the colour range of the Lip Lingeries because I just love my nude colours Soft Matte Lip Creams, I wouldn’t say they dry completely matte but I’m discovering I prefer this to extremely matte products which can look so harsh and dry.

Would I recommend? Yes

nyx lip lingerie liquid lipstick lace detail

This is from the Lip Lingerie range which has the most amazing shades that are right up my street. In the image I am just wearing the product without lip liner; I definitely think this product fairs better when layered on top of balm and lip liner as it looks and feels very dry otherwise! Alone this product has a much more matte appearance than the Soft Matte Lip Creams and Liquid Suedes which is probably why I feel the need to layer it over liner to escape that flaky, dry finish.

Would I recommend? Yes, for the beautiful shade range and as long as you’re willing to take the time to layer liner underneath

nyx matte lipstick natural (2)nyx matte lipstick euro trash

Next are these Matte Lipsticks in Natural and Euro Trash. It confuses me slightly how on earth ‘Natural’ is in any way, shape or form a natural lip colour; I expected it to be a nude colour but it most definitely leans towards being purple! Euro Trash is a gorgeous colour and the closest dupe I’ve found so far to my beloved MAC Velvet Teddy. However, it falls short on the formula compared to MAC’s beautiful creamy consistency. That’s not to say I dislike these lipsticks though; they have good colour, easy to apply and have a pretty, non-drying finish. I am not a fan of the packaging, I’ve got a feeling I’ll be likely to hit the top of the bullet on the lid as it’s just so flimsy and twisty somehow! Definitely cheap packaging but they’re hardly an expensive option so we can’t be too fussy 😉

Would I recommend? Yes, they’re worth a try

nyx sugar glass lip liner

Here we have one of the Slide on Lip Pencil Liners. I really love these! They are so smooth and creamy so you can fill your lips in with relative ease. I don’t know if I would personally wear it on its own but you definitely could. I think the Lip Lingerie I have would work well over the top of this. Something I worry about with pencils is how well they will sharpen but this one sharpened well, no problems!

Would I recommend? Yes

nyx retractable lip liner in nude

Now onto not such a great lip liner; the Retractable Lip Liner… I love retractable products. They work well for my laziness when it comes to sharpening so I thought I’d grab one of these as well as a Slide on Lip Liner (above) to compare. The Slide on Lip Liner wins hands down. This retractable one is just annoying. It’s a lovely formula, similarly creamy and a nice colour. However it’s SO creamy that it just does not work well as a retractable product. I was getting really annoyed using this as it would just break off using the necessary pressure to apply it hence it’s been very wasteful. Now I know this I will try to be careful not to twist too much out at a time but you’d have to twist it up multiple times to do your whole lips because as it’s so creamy it goes down super quickly. It’s just not worth it tbh and you’re better off buying the sharpenable slide on pencil; it’ll be less hassle and last longer!

Would I recommend? No

nyx hot singles eye shadow zen heat illuminator ritualistic 4nyx hot singles eye shadow zen heat nyx illuminator ritualistic

So let’s move onto some powder products. Here we have some Hot Singles Eye Shadows and an Illuminator. It’s hard for me to say much about these at the moment as I haven’t really played around much with them so it’d be unfair for me to make any bold statements. My feelings so far however are positive; the eyeshadows have good pigment and seem to blend well. The illuminator is not the smoothest nor the most pigmented but it is a beautiful white gold which I’m hoping will be flattering on my quite fair skin.

Would I recommend? I’ve not used them enough to say either way at the moment

nyx tinted brow pomade brunette micro brow pencil ash brownnyx tinted brow pomade tame and frame micro brow pencil brunette ash brown


Here we have some brow products; the Tame and Frame Tinted Brow Pomade and the NYX Micro Brow Pencil! I’m not going to spend too much time talking about these as the bottom line is I love them both! I know Anastasia Beverley Hills seems to be the holy grail of brow products for many but I honestly have no interest in trying those products at more than double the price of these ones when I love these NYX ones so much. They just do the job. The colour ranges are great, I think most people could find a shade to suit them. The pencil is great, I love to have a brush on one end. And the tinted brow pomade I probably prefer even more as I love the shape you can create with it. Just FYI, I use the Zoeva 317 Wing Liner Brush with the pomade to do my brows and it is PERFECT.

Would I recommend? Yes absolutely!

nyx hd concealer light fair wonder pencil fair

Next we have some complexion products. Concealers are one of my favourite things to try as we’re all always searching for products to give us that flawless base. These HD Concealer Wands however for me are just not good enough. I firstly bought it in the shade Light which is a completely off shade! It is not by any means Light, it’s so orange and definitely not flattering in my under eye! So I recently picked up Fair which is a much better shade for me, the difference in the two is stark considering Light is the next shade up from Fair! Anyway, even with this better shade I do not like this formula at all, unfortunately. I will still use it up of course as I hate to feel I’ve wasted my money but it’s really not good enough. The coverage is not high enough for my under-eyes and it dries in a horrible way that looks powdery and crepey which I actually feel ages me! It’s a thin, watery consistency compared to concealers I prefer (I tend to prefer creamy formulas) like the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I will not repurchase these which is a shame as I had high hopes!

As for the Wonder Pencil, also pictured, I don’t have much to report. I bought it to use as an eye-liner in my water line but I haven’t used it much even for that. When it arrived I saw it had written on it many other purposes so it’s actually a very multiple use product! It suggests you could use it as a concealer, an eye brightener and a reverse lip liner. I really need to give it a go as some of these options as it could be great. I like the sound of using it as a reverse lip liner and it might be great for spot concealing! It’s definitely not one for around the eyes though (other than water line) as it would tug the skin.

Would I recommend (HD Concealer)? No

Would I recommend (Wonder Pencil)? Hmm it’s okay! Not much to say so far

nyx pore filler primer

I have huge pores (in my opinion lol, they’re probably quite normal xD) on my nose and cheeks so anything that claims to get rid of them I am interested in! So in walked Pore Filler to my life. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan and I do not find myself reaching for this very often despite having it a while. It is very very siliconey and I prefer a more creamy primer. As well as this I didn’t find that it did anything miraculous to hide my pores either; its slippery nature means your base goes on smoothly yes, but I could still see my pores through it hence I think I could get the same effect using primers I prefer the feel of which are creamier. It’s quite mattifying which as someone with normal/dry skin I didn’t really like, it just made my skin look so flat, but maybe an oilier complexion would get on better with it. But as far as the name suggests, I was not impressed.

Would I recommend? No

nyx dewy finish makeup setting spray

Right, the last product I have to share is a Setting Spray! I have it in the Dewy Finish but it also comes in a Matte Finish; I’m not sure how much difference there is between the two. I use a setting spray mainly because I like the way it makes my makeup look afterwards; it tends to soften any cakiness and makes the finish look less powdery by meshing everything together with your skin. So if you’re interested in setting spray for the purposes of making your makeup last longer I can’t really offer an opinion. I’m lucky that my makeup lasts well when I do my normal base routine using primer, foundation, concealer where necessary and then I set my entire face with powder every time without fail. Powder for me really is the key to longevity. So who knows if this product helps my makeup last longer! But I do know I like using it and it’s a lot more affordable than other options available. I do want to try other brands though just to see if there’s any difference or if it is just a fancy bottle of water!

Would I recommend? Yes, I’d recommend just to try a setting spray in general and see if you like what it does for the finish of your makeup

And there we have it, my collection of NYX Products! I haven’t really got my eye on any other things from NYX so in theory my collection shouldn’t be growing anytime soon but ya know, these things just happen sometimes so never say never 😀

Best wishes, Nicole xxxx

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Naughty Space NK Buys | Nars, Diptyque, By Terry

Not too long ago Space NK did their thing they do every so often and offered £15 off a £60 spend. Whilst doing that they also bump up their free delivery threshold to £80 from £60. Naughty Space NK! I didn’t want to spend £80 so had to pay £5 delivery so I basically got a £10 discount, but I’m happy with my buys so whatever. I’d only ever bought something from Space NK once before so it’s hardly a frequent addiction. Unlike ASOS which I should probably go to some kind of rehab for. :/

Here’s what I picked up!

space nk haul diptyque baies nars audacious lipstick anna by terry ombre blackstar misty rocknars audacious lipstick annaby terry ombre blackstar misty rock nars anna audacious lipstick 1

Diptyque Baies Scented Candle

This was a bit of a risky purchase as I’d never actually smelt it before and when you’re spending a ridiculous £20 on a small candle you’re going to want to like the smell. However, as it’s so popular and beloved I thought it’s gotta be nice right?! I was initially a bit disappointed, it’s not what I would usually go for scent-wise BUT since it’s been sitting in my room above my bed I have grown to love it. I get a waft of it every now and then and it’s delightful

Nars Audacious Lipstick in ‘Anna’

I’ve loved everything Nars I’ve ever tried so I was desperate to try one of their Audacious lipsticks – and just look at that pigment! Wow. This colour is gorgeous but not what I’d usually go for, it’s very purpley, a bit out of my comfort zone and one I’d be more likely to wear on an evening out. In future I’d love to pick up a day-time nude shade like maybe Barbara or Anita. Any recommendations for the best nude from the range? Because the formula is beautiful.

By Terry Ombre Blackstar in ‘Misty Rock’

This was a painfully expensive eye shadow stick but they just looked so beautiful in all the blog posts/YouTube videos I’d seen them in! And it didn’t disappoint. Granted there may be cheaper dupes around but there’s no doubting this is a gorgeous product. So pigmented, creamy, blendable, long-wearing… And a quick, easy way to wear eye shadow – just swipe and blend. Misty Rock is a real mixture of hues, I’d say it’s mainly purple but in some lights it looks more brown or even grey. It’s a gorgeous colour anyway!

Thanks for reading!

Love Nicole xxxx

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Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Birthday Suit

This is a review for Sleek’s Matte Me Lip Cream in the shade Birthday Suit. The colour and finish are gorgeous but what about the all important formula?
sleek matte me lip cream liquid lipstick birthday suit (3)sleek matte me lip cream liquid lipstick birthday suit (4)sleek matte me lip cream liquid lipstick birthday suitsleek matte me lip cream liquid lipstick birthday suit (2)
You definitely need a lip balm under this for some moisture as it’s a very drying formula, but due to this it gives an amazingly matte finish! The stick applicator is unusual, but I think it does help you get a precise line around the lips.
I think it’s one definitely worth purchasing if you have a thing for matte lips. The only thing however that does put me off possibly buying this in other colours is the dryness and how it can quickly go flakey on the lips… But this colour is gorgeous so I can deal with that.
Love Nicole,